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08 May 2018 @ 10:57 am
Graze Box #46  
Berry Oat Squares: This wasn’t part of my subscription box but was bought on sale at Wegman’s. It’s two rolled oat squares with berry infused cranberries and assorted seeds (sunflower, pumpkin, and flax seeds). It has 200 calories. While it isn’t terrible, it isn’t nearly as good as Graze’s flapjacks are. The texture is much more cookie-like, instead of soft and chewy. And the flavor of the seeds is far more dominant than the flavor of the berries. I’d buy it again only if were at a very good sale price.

Summer Berry Flapjack: These are oat granola bars with raspberry and strawberry infused cranberries. They have 240 calories. I’m not sure why, but they were noticeably better than the Berry Oat Squares. The texture is chewier and the berry flavor is more distinct, probably because of the lack of seeds. Excellent.

Protein Peanut Butter Dipper: This consists of peanut butter with pretzel sticks to dip in it. It has 130 calories. There’s nothing wrong with it, but it’s pretty boring as snacks go.

Veggie Protein Power: This is a mixture of edamame beans, spicy chickpeas, and black pepper cashews. It has 130 calories. Given the name, I should mention that it also has 7 grams of protein. I like the crunchiness and the spiciness. It’s also one of the more filling savory snacks I’ve gotten, which is good for those long afternoons.

Peanut Butter and Jelly: This is a mixture of salted peanuts, raspberry strings, and vanilla fudge squares. It has 220 calories. This is a good mix of sweet and salty, especially if you eat all the ingredients together. The raspberry strings are particularly delicious.

Sweet & Spicy Beet Crunch: This is a combination of dried beet chips, sunflower seeds, and jalapeno chickpeas. It has 100 calories. The sunflower seeds don’t contribute much to the flavor (though they are, of course, high in protein), but the chickpeas have lots of crunch and mild spiciness. The beets are the highlight of this – crunchy, slightly sweet, and thoroughly delicious.

Vitamin E Defense: This consists of roasted hazelnuts, redskin peanuts, raisins, and dried cranberries. It has 190 calories. There was nothing wrong with it, but it wasn’t very exciting. It is probably the only snack I’ve ever tried which I think would benefit from having a bit of salt added.

Louisiana Wild Rice & Beans: This is a mixture of wild rice sticks and chili broad beans. It has 140 calories. I liked both components, both separately and together. I’m also glad for built-in portion control, because the wild rice sticks are the sort of thing I could easily munch on mindlessly and eat way more of than I intended to.

Peach Cobbler: This consists of almond slivers, yogurt-coated sunflower seeds, amaretti drops, and peach fruit drops. It has 160 calories. I like the combination, but want to note that both the yogurt-coated seeds and the peach fruit drops are particularly good. This was a nice summery snack.

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Julieragnarok_08 on May 9th, 2018 02:27 am (UTC)
Those sound neat :3