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52 Ancestors Week 17 – Cemetery

The theme for Week 17 (April 23-29) is Cemetery. I’ve spent a fair amount of time visiting the graves of various ancestors in the greater New York area. My parents and my paternal grandfather are buried at Mount Ararat Cemetery on Long Island. There’s one gravesite left in that plot and I suppose it will go to either me or my brother, depending on which of us dies first.

My maternal grandfather’s sister, Adele WASSERMAN, and her husband are buried just up the street at Montefiore Cemetery in Lindenhurst. It’s from their records that I know she died on 17 December 1968 at age 61. Her husband, Max, died on 5 September 1971at the age of 66. They’re in an area owned by a society associated with Zborow, which is, presumably, where Max was from. It’s not clear which of several towns (most of them in Poland, though one is now in Ukraine) by that name the burial society was affiliated with.

Many of my relatives are buried at the other branch of Montefiore Cemetery, in Queens. My maternal grandparents,Lillian and Simon LUBOWSKY; Grandpa’s half-brother, Max; his brother, Willie, along with Willie’s wife, Sarah, and son, Milton; his sister, Mary LEHRMAN, and her daughter, Sima SLANSKY, are all in the plot of Congregations Sons of Jacob Tiktiner Young Men. That’s a benevolent society for people from Tykocin, Poland. Another sibling, Grandpa’s half-brother, Nathan LEBOFSKY, is buried in another society’s section – New People’s Synagogue – along with his first wife, Rose; his second wife, Jennie; and his daughter, Celia.

My maternal grandmother’s siblings are buried at Beth El in New Jersey. I haven’t visited that one, though I hope to be able to go to the unveiling for my uncle Herb’s grave there. It’s a plot he bought as a member of Knights of Pythias that has that part of the family.

And then there’s Mount Judah Cemetery in Ridgewood, Queens, which is where my great-grandparents (my maternal grandmother’s parents) are buried. In looking at the locations for their graves, I realized that, along with Henry SCHWARTZBARD and Molly SCHWARTZ, there are some cousins buried there, too. I need to look at their graves the next time I go there.

I’ve found photos of the graves of some more distant relatives on sites like findagrave.com. But the ones I most want to see (and haven’t seen photos of) are near Buenos Aires and Johannesburg.

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