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52 Ancestors Week 16 – Storms

The theme for Week 16 (April 16-22):is Storms.

I am stumped. I couldn’t think of any significant impact of a storm on any of my ancestors. I am sure that, living in places like Poland and Lithuania, they encountered many a blizzard. And most of them were near rivers, so there must have been floods. But I don’t have any documentation of any of that.

I do have one cute storm story, however. There was a major storm shortly after we moved from the Bronx to Long Island. I’ve always thought of it as a hurricane, but I see no records of one at about the right time, so it might have been a nor’easter instead. At any rate, I have a distinct memory of my father turning to my mother and saying, "Well, Bea, if the house stands through this, I’ll know we made a good investment." As a three-year-old, I did not find that reassuring.

Note: not only did the house stand through that storm, but it made it through Superstorm Sandy without issues.

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