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52 Ancestors Week 15 - Taxes

The theme for Week 15 (April 9-15) is Taxes.

Tax lists are often a good sources of information for Lithuanian Jewish genealogy. The most common sorts are the Box tax, which was a tax on kosher meat and was used to pay things like the salary of the rabbi, and the Candle tax, which was a tax on Shabbat candles and was used to pay for educational expenses of the community. These lists are useful because they generally include the person’s father’s name and may also include their occupation and/or the number of people in the household.

A simple example is the 1846 Candle Taxpayers list from Dusetos, which includes my great-great-great-great-grandfather, Zelman Nilel [sic] NODEL, whose father is listed as Izrael. It also identifies him as being low income.

An even more useful example is for my great- great-great-grandfather, Tevel KHAYKEL. He shows up on an 1868 list fromn Pumpenai and Puselotas of taxpayers unable to pay. It also indicates that his father’s name was Nosel and he was 36 years old. I’ve recently found his son, Efroim KHONKEL (my great-great-grandfather) on a 1911 list of candle taxpayers from Villiampole. That one is particularly useful because it has his address - Yubarskaya Street 104. I probably need to spend a bit more time communing with this list, but so far he's the only relative I've found on it.

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