fauxklore (fauxklore) wrote,

Quarterly Update - Goals

  • I’m almost halfway through one afghan. I am maybe 10 percent through another one. I haven’t thought about the third one I am planning to finish this year.

  • I have done nothing about organizing photos.

  • I’ve read 9 books (and almost through a tenth). None of them were poetry. So I am behind the curve on my reading goal.

  • I have entered the Style Invitational twice, so I am actually ahead of things on one goal. None of those entries got ink, alas.

  • I’ve done one Volksmarch event. I’ll count that as being on pace, because I have solid plans to do another one this month.

  • Every night I hear the rustle of papers reproducing in my living room. I have sorted some out, but progress is slower than I’d like.

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