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Graze Box #44

Eleanor’s Apple Crumble: This is a mixture of soft appl pieces, raisins, and caramelized honey and cinnamon almonds. It has 110 calories. Those caramelized almonds are particularly delicious and blend well with the fruit. Overall, this is a tasty snack with just the right amount of sweetness.

Lemon Drizzle Flapjack: These are soft oat granola bars with a lemon yogurt drizzle. They have 250 calories. I’ve made no secret of my love for Graze flapjacks and these are among my very favorite. Sweet and tangy, but also filling. These are simply delicious.

Thai Sweet Chilli Dippers: This consists of soy-rice crackers with a sweet chili sauce to dip them into. It has 70 calories. It’s tasty though the sauce is a bit sweeter than I’d prefer. I do like the spiy kick it has, however.

Raspberry & Coconut Muffin: This is a mixture of raspberry-infused cranberries, almond slivers, amaretti drops, and coconut flakes. It has 140 calories. Like many of Graze’s deconstructed snacks, it works best if you eat all of the components together. It also helps if you don’t expect it to actually taste like a muffin. Come to think of it, I’ve never actually seen a muffin with coconut and any ingredient other than pineapple. At any rate, this is tasty and not too sweet, so it makes a nice accompaniment to a morning cup of tea.

Chocolate Pretzel: This consists of a chocolate hazelnut dip with poppyseed pretzel sticks to dip into it. It has 140 calories. This is one of my long-time favorite Graze snacks. If you like Nutella and things of that ilk, you are likely to feel the same way.

Spicy Veggie Protein (new): This is a mixture of chili corn, black beans, wild rice sticks, and carrot chips. It has 140 calories. It’s really “not too spicy veggie protein,” but I think it would be too spicy for some people I know. I do like things hot, so that wasn’t an issue for me. Overall, I thought this was pretty good, but a bit weird. I liked it, but there are other savory snacks I like better.

Active Nutrient Blend: This is a mixture of walnuts, chopped dates, and pumpkin seeds. It has 170 calories. Dates are one of those things I like, but rarely think of eating. This is a really nice blend, with the nuts and seeds balancing the sweetness of the dates. My only issue is that the walnuts should really be in smaller pieces, since it’s hard to eat all the ingredients together.

Sweet Memphis Barbecue: This is a mixture of salsa-flavored peanuts, BBQ-flavored peas, and wild rice sticks. It has 190 calories. It’s nicely spicy nd has plenty of crunch All in all, quite a nice savory snack.

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