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Talking about our government - part 2

The background on this is that I've been part of a team working on a highly visible project for the past couple of months. The report out to senior leadership will be in a couple of weeks. Today, I was talking to another person about how we prepare our seniors for the meeting. Most of this
discussion consisted of each of us explaining why the other one's boss should go to the meeting, since the two people above them both have conflicts.

But this little tidbit came up.

The man who is heading up the project is scheduled to testify to Congress next week. He will be asked some things about this project.

I said, "It's simple. He'll say the Department is still finalizing the way ahead and we will be happy to report the results to Congress when the results are finalized."

My colleague said, "Hmm, I have his written statement and that's exactly what he says. Are you sure you didn't read his testimony?"

Obviously, I've been in this game too long.
Tags: politics, work

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