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52 Ancestors Week 11 – Lucky

The theme for week 11 (March 12-18) is Lucky.

For most of my family, it would be easier to write about people being unlucky. I think the luckiest ones were the ones who were able to escape from Europe before the Shoah. At the top of that list are several members of the FAINSTEIN family. My great-grandfather was not among the lucky ones, but his brother, Itsko, was able to go to South Africa, along with his wife, Chaya Sora (nee PAPERNO), in 1936. Two of their sons had gone to South Africa earlier – Nahum Girsh in 1927 and Abram Faivush in 1929. Another son, Shlomo, made it to Palestine in the 1930’s.

There were also various relatives on both sides of my family who got away to Latin America (primarily Argentina).

They may have been lucky – but all of this makes research harder for me. Luckily, I like challenges.

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