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Graze Box #43

Snickerdoodle Dip: This consists of a snickerdoodle cookie dip with cinnamon pretzels to dip into it. It has 150 calories. If you like sweet spices, it’s a good snack. The dip is very tasty and the portion size is just about right. Yum.

Booster Seeds: This is a mix of sunflower seeds, pumpkin seeds, and golden flaxseeds. It has 230 calories (and 9 grams of protein). It’s fine for what it is, though the flaxseeds are a bit of a pain since they’re tiny and end up all over my desk. But it’s also pretty boring. I should probably consider them mixing into muffins or the like.

Twist of Black Pepper Popping Corn: This is 130 calories worth of microwave popcorn with black pepper. It pops up nicely and tastes great.

Cinnamon Apple Pie: This is a mixture of cinnamon-dusted app-le pieces, yogurt-coasted raisins, and almonds. It has 160 calories. It is best to eat all of the components together, though it is tempting to just devour the yogurt-coated raisins, which are particularly delicious. A good sweet snack.

The Cheese Board: This is a mixture of cheese-flavored cashews, cheddar cheese bruschetta, and baked herb bites. It has 120 calories. This is a very good mix of savory ingredients, with a lot of cheese flavor, tempered by the herb crackers.

Pumpkin Spice Flapjack: This is a soft oat granola bar with dates and pumpkin spice. It has 230 calories. All Graze flapjacks are good. This is one of the lesser ones, but I still like both the flavor and texture.

Jalapeno Cheese Taco (new): This is a mixture of cheese-flavored cashews, jalapeno chickpeas, and chili broad beans. It has 140 calories. It’s tasty, though not as spicy as one might expect from the name. If you like things like barbecue corn chips, you would probably find this appealing.

Jelly Doughnut: This consists of raspberry strings, vanilla cookie drops, raspberry-flavored cranberries, and slivered almonds. It has 120 calories. It does taste something like a jelly doughnut. Actually, I think it tastes better than a jelly doughnut, but I am not a big doughnut fan. Overall, a good sweet snack.

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