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52 Ancestors Week 8: Heirloom

The theme for Week 8 (February 19-25) is Heirloom. Here’s a picture of one of the few heirlooms I own:


This is a silver tray, wine carafe, and two wineglasses that belonged to my maternal grandparents. I think I acquired them when my mother was cleaning things out after her mother died, which was in late October 1968. Even at about age 10, I appreciated its beauty and it sat on the dresser in my bedroom for a number of years. Eventually, it moved with me to California and to Virginia. I don’t recall ever actually using it, which is rather a pity. But it’s not like I’m much of a wine drinker and I have sturdier wineglasses (and too many of them, to be honest).

More to the point, I have no idea when or where my grandparents acquired the set. I don’t remember them actually using it, either, but we never had fancy dinners at their apartment where such a thing would have been appropriate. As far as I remember, Grandpa mostly drank either whiskey or slivovitz, though I'm sure there was ceremonial wine, too.

And, yes, I really do need to dust.

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