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52 Ancestors Week 7 - Valentine

The theme for Week 7 (February 12-18) is Valentine. So here is a little love story.

In 1929, Lillian SCHWARTZ (originally Leah SZWARCBORT) arrived early at her fiance's apartment to find him putting in his teeth. This was unacceptable as her major critera for a husband were having his own hair and his own teeth. A friend persuaded her to take a vacation to think things over, so she took a ship to Havana. There she met Szymek CHLEBIOCKY, who was apprenticing as a watchmaker. She mailed her engagement ring back to Toothless in New York. Lillian and Szymek (later known as Simon LUBOWSKY) married a couple of weeks later.

My maternal grandparents had a very happy 38 years together.

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