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52 Ancestors Week 3 - Longevity

The theme for Week 3 (January 15-21) is longevity. It used to be that my longest-lived relative was my great-uncle Willie LUBOWSKY (originally Wulf CHLEBIOCKI), who was my grandfather’s youngest brother. He was born in Tykocin, Poland in 1908 and died in New York shortly after his 95th birthday.

He led a pretty interesting life. I haven’t yet found out why and how, but he emigrated from Poland to Havana, Cuba and was, therefore, indirectly responsible for my grandparents meeting there. He stowed away on a ship to New York (the Morro Castle) in 1929 but was caught on arrival (on New Year's Day of 1930)and deported. He was later able to enter the U.S. via Canada in 1937. He initially worked in the fur business with his older half-brother, Max, but they had some sort of split and he successfully formed his own fur business.

There’s also some ambiguity about his marriage. On their border crossing cards, Sara indicated that they were married, but there is also a New York City marriage license for them a few weeks later. I suspect that they had married either in Havana or in Canada but that wasn’t good enough for her parents.

One of his sons is still alive and I really should give him a call and see what he knows.

It is possible that another half-brother, Nathan, had even greater longevity. But nobody really knew exactly when Nathan was born, so the estimates for his lifetime range from 90 to 97. Nathan’s daughter, Sally, on the other hand, is still hanging on at 98.

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