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52 Ancestors Week 2 - Favorite Photo

The theme for Week 2 (January 8-14) is Favorite Photo.


This is a photo from Lithuania from the late 1930's. I believe it was taken in Slobodka (Villiampole), which was the primarily Jewish district across the river from Kovno (Kaunas). The older people in it are my great-grandparents - Chaya Tsipe nee KHONKEL and Shachne (Shoker) FAINSTEIN. The older boy on the right is my father, Ephraim (Eric) NADEL, who was probably 8 or 9 years old at the time. The two girls are his sisters - Michla on the left and Leah on the right. The other boy was also named Ephraim and was the son of my grandmother's sister, Beila GRINBLAT. My father was the only person in the photo who survived the Shoah.

Why is this photo a favorite, despite being rather scratchy and not great quality? Well, it's the only one I've seen of most of these people. I have lots of photos of my dad and I think I've seen one other of my great-grandmother, but nothing of the others.

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