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Still Not a Year-End Summary

Celebrity Death Watch: Ed Lee was the mayor of San Francisco. Aharon Yehuda Leib Shteinman was regarded as a leader of the non-Chasidic Haredi (usually described as ultra-Orthodox Jewish, but there are reasons I dislike that description) world in Israel. Michael Prophet was a reggae singer. Keely Smith was a jazz singer. Clifford Irving was a writer, most famous for a hoax involving an alleged autobiography of Howard Hughes. Bernard Law was a Catholic cardinal and, most significantly, the Archbishop of Boston who was forced to resign in response to the sex abuse scandal in the church. Dick Enberg was a sportscaster. March Fong Eu was the Secretary of State of California for nearly 20 years. Bruce McCandless II was an astronaut who made the first untethered spacewalk. Fred Bass was the owner of The Strand, one of the great bookstores of the world. Thomas Monson was the president of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. Brendan Byrne was the former governor of New Jersey.

Aline Griffith, Countess of Romanones, wrote a few books about her espionage work. I remember The Spy Wore Red as being a pretty good read.

Maura Jacobson was a crossword constructor. She wrote a weekly crossword for Nerw York magazine for 30 years, as well as writing puzzles for The New York Times and for the American Crossword Puzzle Tournament. Her puzzles were consistently witty and intelligent and provided me plenty of pleasure.

Rose Marie was an actress. While biographies claim she is most famous for her role on The Dick Van Dyke Show, I think my generation associates her primarily with Hollywood Squares. She also scored 28 ghoul pool points for me.

Sue Grafton wrote the Kinsey Milhone alphabetical mystery series. She was one of the most successful women writing hard-boiled mysteries. She did not, alas, write Z is for Zero, which would have completed the series.

Brrr: It was 9 degrees Fahrenheit when I left the house this morning. That’s before the wind chill factor. It wasn’t too bad walking to the station, but the wait for the metro was annoying. At least I’d had the forethought to dig out my balaclava and wear it (along with my warmest hat). Given that I was in the tropics two days ago, this is particularly painful.

Jet Lag: I have read the claim that it takes a day to adjust to each hour of time zone change. So it is no surprise that I am having trouble sleeping and, hence, barely functional. Despite which, I found myself filling in time at work with looking at future travel. Though the only things I have booked are two international trips I had booked before I left on this last one and my hotel room for the ACPT.

Clothing: It might be the weather, but I have an unusual desire to do some clothes shopping. Mostly, I want about a dozen black turtleneck sweaters and several pairs of woolen tights. And one pair of very comfortable and very warm fur-lined boots. I do not believe that the last of those actually exists.

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