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Graze Box #37

I have at least one more political rant to write (re: taxes) and an entry on the usual things I have been doing. But, first, the latest snack reviews.

Original Fruity Flapjack: This is a rolled oat soft granola bar with apricots, dates, raisins, currants, sunflower seeds, and pumpkin seeds. It has 230 calories. It’s no secret how much I love Graze’s flapjacks. The taste of this is definitely dominated by golden syrup, but you can taste the fruits and nuts. The texture is soft yet chewy and it is satisfyingly filling. Very good.

Fantastic Forest Fruits:This is a mix of soft apple pieces, blueberries, cherry-flavored raisins, and lingonberries. It has 80 calories. I like the blueberries and lingonberries and the apple slices are okay, but unexciting. The cherry-flavored raisins don’t really do much for me. I have gotten this a few times and don’t dislike It enough to trash it. Yet. But there are definitely other Graze fruit snacks that I like better.

Snickerdoodle Dip: This is a snickerdoodle cookie dip with cinnamon pretzels to dip into it. It has 150 calories. It is one of the best sweet snacks that Graze offers, in my opinion. Delicious.

Veggie Caesar: This is a mixture of sour cream and onion half-popped corn kernels, cheddar bruschetta, and edamame beans. It has 120 calories. This is an excellent savory snack, with lots of flavor and lots of crunch. It’s the sort of thing I’d never think of on my own, which is why I like Graze.

Peach & Rhubarb Pick-Me-Up (new): This consists of dried rhubarb slices, dried pear slices, and peach fruit drops. It has 110 calories. This is a nice combination of flavors and not too sweet. The peach drops are particularly delightful.

Soy Roasted Seeds: This is a mix of roasted sunflower seeds and roasted pumpkin seeds with soy sauce. It has 200 calories. There’s nothing wrong with this, per se, but it’s pretty boring.

Dill Pickle & Pepper Crunch (new): This consists of black pepper and lemon broad beans, dill pickle almonds, and carrot chips. It has 120 calories. This sounded really weird and I was apprehensive about trying it. But it turned out to be great. The dill pickle almonds have enough pickle flavor to satisfy me, without being too salty. I marked it as "love." Unfortunately, this is a limited edition snack, so who knows if I will ever get it again?

Wholesome Honey Nuts: This is a mixture of honey drizzled cashews, pumpkin seeds, and baked salted peanuts. It has 200 calories. I like the combination of sweet and salty, along with the crunchy texture. Well balanced, especially if you eat all of the components together, and tasty.

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