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Catch-up Time

Celebrity Death Watch: Nancy Friday wrote about women’s sexual fantasies, thereby persuading my generation of women we weren’t abnormal. Richard F. Gordon, Jr. was an astronaut. Roy Halladay was a great baseball pitcher, and one of a handful who won Cy Young awards in both leagues. John Hillerman was an actor, best known for his role on Magnum, P.I.. Ray Lovelock played Fyedka in the movie version of Fiddler on the Roof. Jeffrey Richelson wrote books about the Intelligence Community and about satellites. Liz Smith was a gossip columnist. Nancy Zieman hosted a public television show about sewing. Salvatore Riina was the chief of the Sicilian Mafia.

Bobby Doerr played second base for the Red Sox and is in the Hall of Fame. Hehad been the oldest living former major leaguer for much of the last year of his life. He was also alleged to have been the person who taught Yaz to be a power hitter.

JGSGW Meeting – and a Couple of Related Personal Notes: A week ago Sunday was a very interesting Jewish Genealogy Society of Greater Washington Meeting. Rabbi Gary Gans talked about his aunt, who was almost deported because she lost her citizenship by marrying an alien and voted illegally despite that. This led to an interesting discussion about family secrets and what it is and isn’t legitimate to reveal.

As far as family secrets go, I have a situation in which I know of someone who married in Europe. That person then remarried in another country after the Shoah, despite knowing their original spouse had survived. In this case, I do not have documentary proof, which is part of my rationale for not telling the details. But there is a certainly a potential lie of omission there.

The other interesting point has to do with my grandmother. She emigrated from Poland to the U.S. (New York) in 1920 and was naturalized in December 1923. She married my grandfather, who was a Polish citizen in Havana on 14 January 1930. This wouldn’t necessarily be a problem because the law changed in 1922 and marrying an alien didn’t automatically cost a woman her U.S. citizenship. But, as I understand it, if a woman married an alien and lived outside the U.S. for more than 2 years, she did lose her citizenship. And Grandma and Grandpa stayed in Havana until May 1932. There isn’t any evidence that she re-naturalized. Grandpa was naturalized in January 1939. It can’t be that Grandma was covered by that, because she was one of the witnesses on his petition for naturalization. It all sounds rather suspiciously tangled to me.

Elections: Last Tuesday was election day. All of my choices won, which made me happy. I should note that the election which got the most press was in the next county over, where Danica Roehm of Prince William County became the first openly transgender person to win an office in a state legislature. Her opponent, Bob Marshall, has referred to himself as "Virginia’s chief homophobe" and made an issue of her being transgender. But the thing I think most people missed is that she focused her campaign on actual issues, notably transportation and, specifically, the need for improvements to Route 28. The triumph of substance over bigotry makes me especially happy.

Condo Association Annual Meeting: The next night was my condo association’s annual meeting, which was relatively short and painless.

Balkan Dinner: Then came Thursday night, when I went out to dinner with a few people from Flyertalk. We went to Ambar, which is a Balkan restaurant in Clarendon. While they have a $35 all you can eat small plates deal, we decided that we were better off going a la carte. I got roasted eggplant spread, the Balkan beef patty (essentially a spicy hamburger), and Brussel sprouts. The Brussel sprouts were disappointing, largely because the yogurt and lemon sauce didn’t work for me, but the rest was quite good. I would certainly be willing to eat there again

Story Swap: I hosted this month’s Voices in the Glen story swap on Saturday night. That meant a flurry of housecleaning. Unfortunately, by the time I would have been vacuuming, my back was killing me from the rest of what I’d done. I am glad that storytellers are a forgiving lot. We had a small group, but good stories and interesting conversation.

Ah-ah-ah-choo!: I succumbed to the cold I’d been fighting off for several days and stayed home from work for two days this week. I’m not quite over it, but I am considerably more functional. Despite being sick, I did go to Storytelling on the Lake in Reston, where I told a story I call They Tried to Kill Us, They Failed, Let's Eat.. I was also really happy to hear David’s story of extreme holiday decorating again.

I have political rants to write and so on, but I also have work to get done. That's enough for now.

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