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Graze Box #36

Snacks before politics.

Sesame Garlic Crunch: This consists of garlic sesame sticks, oat bran sesame sticks, and multigrain soy crackers. It has 140 calories. It’s nicely crunchy and flavorful. This is the sort of thing that makes me appreciate Graze’s portion control, because I would be all too likely to eat handfuls of it mindlessly if I had a big bag.

Sweet Korean BBQ Crunch (new): This is a mixture of Korean BBQ-flavored almonds, black pepper almonds, black beans, and soy-roasted sunflower seeds. It has 150 calories and 9 grams of protein. I thought this was interesting, but not entirely successful. The Korean BBQ flavoring seemed a bit on the sweet side to me. The black beans don’t contribute much other than crunch. I’m willing to try it again, but, overall, I’m on the fence about the flavors.

Pumpkin Spice Flapjack: This is a rolled oat flapjack (i.e. soft granola bar) with dates and pumpkin spice. It has 230 calories. This is nicely spicy (mmm, cinnamon) but a bit sweeter than I’d prefer. Not bad, but there are other flapjacks I prefer.

Creamy Ranch Kern Pops: These are half-popped corn kernels with ranch seasoning. They have 140 calories, I really like the texture of these. The flavor is also good with a nice ranch tang. A good savory snack.

Summer Berry Compote: This is a fruit dip (essentially, jam) made with raspberries, strawberries, and black currants, which comes with three pieces of whole grain shortbread for dipping. It has 130 calories. The shortbread is rather dry and tasteless, but that doesn’t matter since you could dip cardboard into the compote and I would eat it happily. I love berries and this is thoroughly delicious. The black currants add a bit of tang, moderating the sweetness of the compote. Absolutely delicious – and another good argument for the built in portion control, because I could eat a vatful of this stuff.

Cinnamon Apple Pie: This is a mixture of cinnamon dusted apple pieces, yogurt-coated raisins, and almonds. It has 160 calories. The mix of flavors and textures is appealing, but the almonds need to be in smaller pieces to make it easier to eat all the components together.

Peanut Butter & Jelly: This is a mix of baked salted peanuts, raspberry fruit strings, and vanilla fudge. It has 220 calories. It’s best to eat all of the components together, but it’s hard to resist devouring the fruit strings, which are wonderful. This is a good combination of flavors and textures – sweet without being cloying.

Smokin’ Protein Kick (new): This consists of chili lemon fava beans, almonds, hickory smoked almonds, and pumpkin seeds. It has 170 calories – and 8 grams of protein. I couldn’t quite make up my mind on this snack. The pumpkin seeds were pretty boring. I liked the hickory smoked almonds, but there weren’t very many of them. There actually didn’t seem to be a lot of the regular almonds either. The fava beans were interesting, but I’m not sure the flavoring worked well. It’s the sort of thing I’m willing to try again, because my reactions sometimes depend on my mood or the time of day or the phase of the moon or whatever.

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