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Genealogy Notes

I have plenty of things to write about, but I want to make sure to capture this before I forget about it.

More NODEL Mysteries:

A while back I’d found some interesting info in Kaunas, Lithuania voter registration records from December 1940. Namely, that my grandparents had other people living in their apartment who were almost certainly relatives. Those were Icik and Leja NODEL. I finally got around to doing a bit of digging for them and found their marriage record. It turns out Icik was Icik Leizer, the son of Iser. His mother was Base Leja SAVELOVICH and he was born in Naumiestis in 1910. On 29 August 1937 in Palanga, he married Leja LIKHTER, the daughter of Codik and Beile, born in 1917 in Raseiniai. This all matches the voter registration record, so I can be fairly sure these are the right people.

A bit more searching turned up his brother, Yankel Leib, born 19 January 1912 in Zemaiciu Naumiestis, whose father’s name is given as Sroelis. (Which is really Sroel, once one removes the Lithuanian endings of names.) Yankel Leib married Asne BLIUMBERG (born 1909 to Chackel and Feige in Zemaiciu Naumiestis) on 3 June 1939. Basia Leya shows up with her two sons in a 1915 family list in Zemaiciu Naumiestis, along with a daughter, Sora Dobe, who appears to have been born in 1914. The family fled to Kvedarna / Koinstantinov and the sum of their destroyed property was 907 rubles. I have no idea where that placed them economically at the time. Basia Leya is shown as the head of household. Had Srol / Iser died? Or were they divorced?

So who is Srol / Iser? Those are both nicknames for Izrael. Unfortunately, that leads to lots of confusion. My great-great-grandfather did have a brother named Izrael Ber, but there doesn’t seem to be anything to tie him to Naumiestis. And he never shows up as just Izrael in any records. Moreover, he died in 1925 in Rokiskis and he’d had several children there, during a period that seems to overlap with the births above. So I’m not convinced that’s him. There are other possibilities, but I need more records to prove anything.

My Great-Grandmother's Husbands:

On an entirely different note, I think I have finally sorted out all of my great-grandmother’s marriages. She was born Tsivia BRUSKIN in Daugavpils, Latvia in about 1876. She married:

  1. Shlomo BIKSON in Vilnius on 20 Dece3mber 1895. He died in Vilnius on 12 April 1901 of typhoid fever.

  2. Pinchas NODEL (my great-grandfather) in Vilnius on 11 September 1905. He died in Vilnius on 15 December 1909 of appendicitis.

  3. Rubin SHUB. Not clear exactly when they were married, but they were divorced in Kaunas on 12 May 1929.

  4. Gerson TSESLITSKI in Kaunas on 19 July 1932.

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