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Graze Box #34

I have another political rant (or maybe two) to write, as well as a rundown of things I have been doing. But, first, the snack reviews.

Thai Sweet Chili Dippers:This consists of soy and rice crackers with a sweet chili sauce. It has 83 calories. It’s hard to tell from memory, but I think they have made this less sweet and a little spicier. If that isn’t my imagination, it’s an improvement. The crackers have a nice crunch and are just bland enough that a sweet chili sauce works with them.

Graze’s Grilled Cheese: This is a mix of sweet mustard breadsticks, cheddar bruschetta, and smoked almonds. It has 120 calories. It’s good mix of flavors, without any one of the components really dominating it. I’m not a big cheese person, but I still like this.

Lemon Drizzle Flapjack: This is a typical Graze flapjack, i.e. a soft oaten granola bar, with a lemon yogurt drizzle. It has 240 calories. It’s a pretty filling snack, so worth the calories. And it is absolutely delicious – one of my very favorites. I particularly like that the flavor is decidedly lemony. Yum.

Hickory Smoked BBQ (new): This is a mixture of barbecue peas, hickory smoked almonds, and roasted corn. It has 150 calories and 5 grams of protein. I liked both the crunch and the flavor – and, particularly, that it wasn’t salty. There are, however, other savory snacks I like better.

Raspberry & Coconut Muffin: This is a mix of raspberry-infused cranberries, almond slivers, amaretti drops, and coconut flakes. It has 149 calories. It’s best to eat all of the components together, especially since the raspberry-infused cranberries are so awesome, while the rest are rather more ordinary.

Wholesome Honey Nuts (new): This is a mixture of caramelized honey cashes, pumpkin seeds, and baked salted peanuts. It has 200 calories and 6 grams of protein. The honey cashews are amazingly good. The other ingredients are fairly ordinary, but the idea is o eat all of the components together. Very nice.

Chocolate Pretzel Dipper: This consists of a chocolate hazelnut dipper with lightly salted pretzel sticks to dip into it. It has 140 calories. I’ve gotten this a lot of times and continue to like it. It’s not particularly virtuous as snacks go, but sometimes one wants to have something sweet and the portion control helps a lot.

Vitamin E Defense: This has roasted hazelnuts, redskin peanuts, jumbo raisins, and dried cranberries. It has 190 calories. It’s not especially exciting, but is perfectly fine as a trail mix sort of thing goes.

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