fauxklore (fauxklore) wrote,

Deep in the Heart of Taxes

I finally finished doing my taxes. My major hold up this year was misplacing a 1099 form. Which I still have not located but I realized I could find the amount from the end of year statement from the account.

What is strange is that I think of myself as being one of those "do the taxes in early February" people. Which would have worked as that was a somewhat unbusy time (well, except for sleeping 12 hours a day to make up for Fiji and getting a bad cold and all that). But Congress was dragging their tails on fixing the Alternative Minimum Tax so I had to postpone some. And then I was busy and then I couldn't find that bloody 1099 and so on.

But what I really wanted to note was that I had to look at last year's state return to see how much money Virginia had extracted from me (as I had owed them money last year) and I discovered just when I had filed my taxes last year. It was April 9th.

Which does not exactly qualify as early February.

And by the way, buying the condo did make a significant difference in my taxes, as I will get refunds this year from both feds and state instead of owing both.
Tags: money

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