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Home - briefly

I got through the outbrief of my GSAW working group fine, i.e. I stayed within the alloted time. I had a few people come over and thank me for the work I'd done on it. More importantly, I think we even came up with a valuable and actionable recommendation, relating to making it easier to find out what projects have applied which space data standards.

I went out to lunch with a group of former colleagues afterwards, including my first boss at circle-A, who retired long ago. He's spending a lot of time on wood turning and even has some pieces exhibited at a gallery.

Then I headed off to the airport. I wish I'd known that the gas station at La Tijera and Manchester has closed. That's where I've usually refilled rental cars, but I would have used a station further south on Sepulveda had I known. By that time, it was late enough that I decided to just let the company pick up the annoying rental car refueling fee (vs. the lower cost of actually buying gas, which they would still pick up. Of course, my flight was then delayed. I got home about 1:30 a.m. and decided to do jst a few things before going to bed. Good thing I am taking tomorrow off.
Tags: travel, work

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