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Graze Box #22

I have a lot of stuff to write about, but first, some catching up on routine things. Like snack reviews.

Booster Seeds: This is a mix of sunflower seeds, pumpkin seeds, and golden flaxseeds. It has 220 calories and 9 grams of protein. I wish the flaxseeds were easier to eat. They’re about the size of sesame seeds, so they are hard to pick up. Overall, I don’t find this particularly exciting, but it is tasty enough and useful for times when I feel like I really need something high in protein.

Sesame Garlic Crunch: This consists of garlic sesame sticks, oat bran sesame sticks, and multigrain soy rice crackers. It has 140 calories. Overall, I like the combination of flavors and the crunchiness, making this a satisfying savory snack. It’s also a good argument for portion control.

Snickerdoodle Dip: This is a tasty dip, made from snickerdoodle cookies, with cinnamon pretzel sticks to dip into it. It has 150 calories. Unlike most Graze snacks, it has pretty much no nutritional merits. But it is particularly delicious, which is sometimes reason enough to eat something.

Kettlecorn Kern Pops: These are half-popped corn kernels, with a sweet and salty kernels. They have 130 calories. Overall, I’d say they’re not bad, but I generally prefer more savory crunchy snacks.

Malaysian Laksa: This consists of a slightly spicy coconut broth with a mix of chili and lime cashews and dried coconut to eat on the side. It has 130 calories. Because the broth is made just from a paste and hot water, it is faster to reconstitute than the other Graze soups. I find it quite tasty and having the cashew mix to munch on makes this more filling than most of them. It’s a good light lunch or a nice mid-afternoon break on a long day.

Carrot Crunch (new): This consists of carrot chips, wild rice sticks, and hickory-smoked almonds. It has 140 calories. This is a bit weird and I am on the fence about it. The carrot chips were somewhat on the sweet side. I didn’t think they blended as well as they might with the almonds, though the latter were not as smoky as I’d have preferred. Normally, I think Graze snacks work best if you eat all the components together, but this may be an exception. I’m willing to give it another chance and see how I feel about it then.

Original Protein Flapjack: This is a rolled oat flapjack (i.e. soft granola bar) with flaxseeds, sunflower seeds, pumpkin seeds, and soy protein. It has 260 calories and 8 grams of protein, so is more of a light meal than a snack. Golden syrup gives it a nice flavor - on the sweet side, but not cloying.

Strawberries and Cream Protein Granola Topper: This consists of oat and barley granola, yogurt-coated strawberry pieces, soy protein crispies, and freeze-dried strawberry pieces. It has 130 calories. As much as I love strawberries, this still seems to me like it is mostly crunch, more than berry. It’s good enough to mix with yogurt for that purpose, but it just can’t compare to fresh strawberries.
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