fauxklore (fauxklore) wrote,

Busy Weekend

I did get a fair amount done at home over the weekend, including paying bills and sorting through about 2/3 of the accumulated mail. I even read most of the Sunday Washington Post, though I do still have a couple of sections to go. During the week, I read the paper on-line, so tend to read only articles I am really interested in. I read the Sunday paper in the dead tree edition, and tend to read almost all of it. Though nothing could get me to read articles about, say, high school lacrosse.

Saturday involved driving to Baltimore for lunch with a couple of folks from Flyertalk. If that sounds like a crazy long trip, one of them lives in the Bay Area (though, to be fair, he was visiting his mother in Maryland) while the other lives in Milwaukee and just flew in for the day. Traffic was light enough that the drive was reasonably pleasant.

I'd have liked to go to a talk on the architecture of Lithuanian synagogues on Sunday morning, but didn't feel quite up to going back to darkest Maryland for it. I planned to do more household organizing, but it turned out that what I really needed to review was the inside of my eyelids. It is always remarkable when a 15 minute nap can take two hours.

Sunday afternoon was the annual board meeting for my storytelling guild. There was a good turnout and it was reasonably productive, though I seem to have ended up with action items for myself.

In other non-news, I still need the ability to control the rotation of the earth.
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