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Graze Box #15

Yes, I am behind and I really do need to write a catch-up entry because writing 3 things at a time means I will only get behinder. But at least I can stay caught up on snack reviews!

Snack #1 - Protein Peanut Butter Dipper with Pretzel Sticks (repeat) This is pretty straightforward – peanut butter and unsalted pretzel sticks to dip in it. It’s 130 calories. I think they may have reformulated this as it was previously listed as having hemp sticks for dipping. There’s nothing wrong with it, assuming, of course, that one likes peanut butter. But it’s not exactly creative or exciting.

Snack #2 – Lightly Salted Popping Corn (repeat): 130 calories worth of microwave popcorn, this is about as straightforward as snacks get. It does pop up quickly and it is good that it isn’t too salty.

Snack #3 – Graze’s Grilled Cheese (new): This consists of hickory smoked cashews, cheddar cheese bruschetta, and mustard breadsticks. It has 120 calories. I am not very into cheese and hickory smoked flavoring belongs more with almonds than with cashews as far as I’m concerned. So I thought this was just okay. It’s tasty enough, but there are other savory combinations I like better.

Snack #4 – Sweet Rhubarb Jam (repeat): Dried apple slices, rhubarb slices, and cranberries make a surprisingly tasty sweet snack. While it does have 20 grams of sugar, the whole punnet is just 100 calories. This is the sort of thing I would never have eaten before doing Graze, so it makes me happy to enjoy it so much,

Snack #5 – Soy Roasted Seeds (repeat): This is a mixture of roasted pumpkin and sunflower seeds with soy sauce. It has 200 calories, but also has 7 grams of protein (and is also high in Vitamin E). It’s pretty tasty and not nearly as salty as you might expect for this sort of thing. Overall, it isn’t really exciting, but is good.

Snack #6 – Honeycomb Flapjack (repeat): This is a rolled oat flapjack (i.e. soft granola bar) with honeycomb and chocolate drizzle. It has 240 calories and is simply delicious. All of Graze’s flapjacks are good, and this is one of my very favorites. It’s the perfect thing to nibble on when somebody schedules a meeting that runs from 11 a.m. to 2 p.m. Not only did it keep me from being miserable, it might well have saved the life of the person who scheduled that meeting.

Snack #7 – Salted Fudge & Peanut Cookie (repeat): Two types of peanuts (baked salted ones and redskin ones) with miniature cocoa cookies and vanilla fudge makes for a deconstructed cookie snack. It’s 230 calories, but at least it has 7 grams of protein. It’s a nice touch of sweetness and I don’t mind how frequently I get this.

Snack #8 – Jelly Doughnut (new): This has raspberry fruit strings, raspberry-infused cranberries, almond slivers, and vanilla cookie drops. It is, surprisingly, only 120 calories. It actually does taste surprisingly like a jelly doughnut. And how does Graze make their infused dried cranberries, which are so very very good? Overall, an excellent sweet snack.
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