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Graze Box #12

If nothing else, these reviews should provide ideas for anybody who feels like feeding me.

Snack #1 – Tuscan Pesto Kern Pops (new): This is a mixture of cheddar cheese-flavored half-popped corn kernels and miniature basil breadsticks. It’s 130 calories. I really like the crunchiness of the corn kernels. Overall, the mixture is well-seasoned, but it doesn’t really taste like pesto to me, since I believe the entire point of pesto is the pignolia nuts.

Snack #2 – Booster Seeds (repeat): This is a mix of sunflower seeds, pumpkin seeds, and golden flaxseeds. It’s 220 calories, with 9 grams of protein. It’s also a good source of Vitamin E, iron, and zinc. This is fine, albeit not very exciting. I do find the flaxseeds inconvenient to eat, since they are tiny. Obviously, I could handle that by sprinkling them on something else (like yogurt), but it is easier to just put a Graze container in my bag in the morning to nibble on at work.

Snack #3 – Strawberries and Cream Protein Granola Topper (repeat): This has oat and barley granola, yogurt coated strawberry pieces, soy protein crispies, and freeze-dried strawberry pieces. It’s 130 calories. Overall, the point of this is to add sweetness and crunch, as well as some extra protein, to a cup of yogurt. This is the third time I’ve gotten it and I’ve found that it works best with tangier yogurt, like the Bulgarian yogurt I can buy at Whole Foods. (The yogurt from the Mennonite farmers at our local farmers’ market is even better, but I haven’t been able to make it to the market the past few weeks.)

Snack #4 – Baobab & Raspberry Clusters (new): I was very curious about this, since I am reasonably sure I had never tasted baobab before. I can’t really say that I’ve tasted baobab now, though, since what you get here are baobab and raspberry coconut chips and the raspberry flavor is predominant. There are also pumpkin seeds and dried apple pieces. It’s 130 calories and the primary nutritional virtue is supposed to be copper, which I admit is not something I normally think about getting enough of. Overall, it’s an interesting snack, but I’m somewhat on the fence about the flavor.

Snack #5 –Snickerdoodle Dip (repeat): This comes with cinnamon pretzel sticks and is 150 calories. I’ve gotten it a couple of times before and I still think it’s an excellent sweet treat.

Snack #6 – Pizza Margherita (new): This consists of cheese-flavored cashews, basil crunchini, and miniature tomato breadsticks. It’s 120 calories. The breadsticks didn’t have much tomato flavor, but the crunchini (basically croutons) are full of basil and dominated the taste of the mixture. The cashews are just cheesy enough to balance the mix. Overall, I thought this was a good, savory snack.

Snack #7 – Summer Berry Flapjack (new): Another Graze flapjack variety, this one is the typical rolled oat soft granola bar (actually, three small bars) and is filled with berry-infused cranberries. It has 240 calories. They’re a little bit sweeter than optimal, but still very good. Yum.

Snack #8 – Roasted Chili Honey Peanuts & Almonds (repeat): This consists of roasted almonds and peanuts with a chili and honey glaze and has 210 calories. It makes a particularly good argument for the portion control of the Graze servings because it is decidedly, as the British say, more-ish, i.e. one wants more and more. Sweet, a bit spicy, crunchy – this is so very much my type of snack. Oveall, this is one of my favorite Graze snacks.
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