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So last night was Tellabration! This is an international storytelling event, with performances for adults by groups in several countries on the Saturday night before Thanksgiving.

We had one minor disaster when the door alarm for the back door, which was supposed to have been turned off, wasn't. So Margaret opened the door to let Merrilee in and the alarm went off. We did have an emergency number for the police, who were not as helpful as they might have been since they didn't seem to have a phone number for anyone from the library. We did get a fire department crew who did not have a generic key for a door alarm (vs. a fire alarm.) Ralph did succeed in muffling the alarm enough that we could manage.

We had a disappointing turnout - just 4 people besides our captive audience (i.e. the 5 of us, Merrillee's husband, and Robert), 2 of whom left at the break. I told a Chelm story and "Sam Short's Story." The latter is the hardest story I tell, as it is a 400+ word tongue twister, with every word starting with "S." I did flub a couple of words, but I pulled out other things that start with "S" so nobody noticed. Basically, it's a stupid human trick, but it works.

I am biased so won't offer a review, but Robert seemed to have a good time. He commented that it's a shame that we put in so much energy for such a small turnout.

My next major event is the Folklore Society minifest in Takoma Park in February.
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