fauxklore (fauxklore) wrote,

Random Notes

I keep a notebook (actually, the dregs of one of my travel journals) on my desk at home and scribble down odds and ends of things to remember in it. It's amusing to look back in a few months and try to figure out what on earth any given note might mean.

Some of them are easy enough, e.g. a hotel name followed by a string of characters is almost certainly a confirmation number. I can easily identify titles of books I'm interested in reading or directions to somebody's house. It's probably not obvious to anybody else but the note "Ligadua = one-armed god from spirit world of Burotu" clearly refers to a detail in a Fijian story I'm trying to learn.

Disconnected phone numbers are always going to be undecipherable. Usually, they have to do with returning a phone call and, given the time frame, I suspect many of them had to do with freecycling various odds and ends.

I was apparently listening to some Broadway related radio show on-line, because I think "Davey Dinkle" refers to a song that isn't in but is related to the musical Urinetown. So the note above that, which reads "At the North Pole, global warming..." may also have to do with a Broadway Christmas album. On the other hand, it may not.

And some things will be forever mysterious. Some time in February I scribbled down the phrase "Thursday - Charity." I'm sure that was highly meaningful at the time. Damned if I know what it means now. Trying to figure that out is, however, far more entertaining than cleaning off my desk, which is what I was starting to do before deciding to try to decipher my random notes to myself.
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