fauxklore (fauxklore) wrote,

Adulthood is Annoying

Celebrity Death Watch: Merle Haggard was a country singer. Rachel Johnson was the last native of St. Kilda.

Car Annoyance #1: Neptune has now had two incidents of running a bit roughly and rattling, followed by the engine coolant temperature light flashing on and off a few times, after which everything sounds fine. The annoying part is that the mechanic couldn’t reproduce this behavior so can’t fix it. Oh, well, I suppose you’re entitled to a few rattles at that age. (22 car years is about 140 human years, right?)

Car Annoyance #2: I made the service appointment on-line and got a confirmation email. But, when I got to the mechanic, they had no record of the appointment and told me, "oh, the on-line system hasn’t sent us an update in over two months." And exactly how was I supposed to know that? On top of which, they didn’t have the right person there to do one of the things I brought Neptune in for, so I need to make another appointment for the wheel alignment.

Another Internet Annoyance: I had a discount code for some theatre tickets and finally found a date that would work with the friend who wanted to come along. It took me way too many attempts to find the little checkbox that would activate the discount code and let me buy tickets at the relevant price. And, of course, the annoying Ticketmaster service fees and "convenience fee" add 25% or so to the ticket price.

Household Annoyance: I believe the papers in my house are multiplying when I am not looking. Can one of my neighbors check out any mysterious rustling sounds when I’m not home?

Credit Card Annoyance: Yet another fraud incident, leading to having to get a card replaced. It seems this happens at least every few years. I have a faint suspicion that this may be linked to having used the card in question at a restaurant. At least it isn’t one that I have recurring payments linked to.

A Minor Work Annoyance: It is actually possible to send out a meeting announcement more than an hour before the meeting. It is even possible to send out a meeting announcement before the day of the meeting.

Baseball Annoyance: Not only have the Nationals added yet another racing president, it’s Hoover.
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