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First Quarter 2016 Movies

Time for the quarterly movie wrap-up. I actually saw fewer movies than I expected, since I ended up sleeping on some longer flights. But, then, there were a lot of flights.

  1. Papirosen: An Argentinian movie about a family whose matriarch is a Shoah survivor. Unfortunately, aside from general dysfunctionality, not much happens and I found this tedious and dull. Which is probably what I get for choosing to watch a movie only because I like the song it's named after.

  2. Trumbo: There was a substitute teacher back at Lincoln Orens Junior High who regularly read to us from Dalton Trumbo's novel, Johnny Got His Gun.. But he was more prominent as a screenwriter and this movie had to do with his choice to go to jail rather than name names to the House Un-American Activities Committee. It's a good story about the impacts of taking a moral stand and the consequences of sticking to one's guns despite an unpopular position. Recommended.

  3. The Walk: This film deals with Philippe Petite's walk between the twin towers of the World Trade Center. Which is interesting enough, but the documentary Man on Wire told the same story more effectively. Not that this was bad, but it was unnecessary.

  4. Pitch Perfect 2: Sequels are almost always unnecessary and this one is pretty contrived. But fans of a capella music won't care, since the point is listening to the music, not the fairly silly plot. If you need a couple of hours of airplane distraction, you could do worse.

  5. The Imitation Game: This biopic told the story of Alan Turing and his work to decipher the Enigma Machine. It is, apparently, not particularly accurate regarding his personality and relationships, so treat it with a grain of salt. Still, I thought it was interesting and worth seeing.

  6. The Wolfpack: This documentary involves a family in New York in which the children are completely sheltered from the outside world and learn about it almost entirely through movies. Things change when one of them decides to start exploring the outside world. This sounds interesting, but the problem is that it isn't clear how much the filmmaker influenced the boys' explorations. (There is one girl, but she seems peripheral to the film.) Disappointing.

  7. The Big Short: Economics - and, specifically, the question of how derivatives influenced the markets - seems an unlikely subject for a movie. By concentrating on some of the people involved in the markets, the film did work and had several amusing moments. But I thought it was also a bit too long and a bit too slow paced. It is, however, possible that I was just too tired to focus completely on it. At any rate, it did make me want to read the book, which is about the best you can hope for with a movie based on a book.

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