fauxklore (fauxklore) wrote,

Vacation -Parts 3 and 4

Third country of the trip was Argentina. I had been to Buenos Aires before, so could skip some things, thoughmit had been 19 yearsl Anyway, I did a pricy tour of Jewish B.A. and had the amusing coincidence that one of the members of the couple I shared the tour with had gotten his degree from MIT in mechanical engineering.

The other day I did a free downtown tour, watched tango, had chocolate con churros at Cafe Tortoni, and visited the Museum of Fine Arts.

Then I flew to Posadas and toured ruins of San Ignacio Mini, a Jesuit mission.

Country 4 was Paraguay, reached by a crowded publib bus from Posadas. I toured two Jesuit missions there. I do love ruins. Then by bus to Ciudad del Este where I taxied to Brazil.
Tags: travel

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