fauxklore (fauxklore) wrote,

Not Really Much Happening

Celebrity Death Watch: Susan Sheridan played Trillian in the radio version of Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy. Frank Gifford was a football player turned broadcaster. Julian Bond was a civil rights activist.

Superfoods: I keep seeing these articles that list superfoods you should be eating for optimal health. Just once, I wish one of those lists would have, say, gelato and cheetos on it, instead of kale and broccoli. Just saying.

Last Weekend: I was actually in town, but things were pretty routine. There was a story swap on Saturday night (at which I screwed up on telling "Shrewd Simon Short" because it seems that one can’t just resume telling a 450+ word tongue twister after a few years), knitting group on Sunday, less progress on household stuff than I intended (or need to get done).

If I Ruled the World – Political Edition: Aside from my usual proclamations (mandatory pockets in women’s clothing, nap rooms available in all workplaces), I would disallow anybody from the presidency who campaigned more than one year prior to election day. I admit that would get rid of some people I like (not that Martin O’Malley was getting any traction anyway), but it would spare me from having to listen to a lot of anti-science, anti-woman, and anti-immigration rhetoric for a few more months.

Addictions: I was pleased to read that coffee seems to prevent recurrences of colon cancer and will, of course, interpret this as coffee preventing all cancers all the time. (Actually, I have always figured that my most likely cause of death is third-world taxi driver.)

Dear Other Dimensional Beings: Thank you for returning two single black socks (not related to each other, but partnered to socks already in the missing mates bin.) But did you really have to take the superglue in exchange?
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