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I suppose the best way to describe Caramel is as a Lebanese chick flick. The title comes from the use of caramel as a depilatory and the film has to do with several women who work at or hang out at a Beirut beauty salon. All of whom have some issues in their lives - from Layale's frustrating affair with a married man (despite the handsome policeman who pines for her, played by the highly droolworthy Adel Karam) to Rose who has to choose between a late life chance for love and caring for her senile older sister. There isn't a lot of plot, per se. But the slice of life is warm and bittersweet. Overall, Nadine Labaki (who wrote and directed the film, as well as starring in it) did a wonderful job of portraying people who feel real.

And it's nice to see a movie set in the Middle East which isn't about violence and sectarianism.
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