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The Past Week

Celebrity Death Watch: Jayne Meadows was an actress, most famous for having been married to Steve Allen. Suzanne Crough played the youngest member of The Partridge Family. Jack Ely mumble-sang "Louie Louie" with The Kingsmen. Ben E. King sang "Stand By Me." Jean Nidetch founded Weight Watchers, inflicting untold damage on American women.

One Day Hike: I spent a few hours on Saturday morning volunteering at the Seneca Creek support station for the One Day Hike of the C&O Canal towpath. I did a few miscellaneous chores, e.g. hanging up signs, but most of my time was spent checking hikers out of the station. That meant I called out their bib numbers, while the other person at check-out wrote down their times. It wasn’t too arduous, though it was bloody cold out. We didn’t lose any hikers, though a couple did drop out at the station. I should also mention that this station was only for people doing the full 100K, which made it easier, since we only had one list of hikers to deal with.

Storytelling: Saturday night was a Better Said Than Done show I was performing in. I told my flying story. I don’t normally wear costumes, but this was a fine (and rare!) opportunity to wear my flight suit. It went well, overall. It is always a pleasure to tell to such a responsive audience.

Sunday:There were 2 things I wanted to do on Sunday. Both of them were in Baltimore. Given the unrest on Saturday (which was repeated on Monday), I thought better of it and caught up on some household odds and ends. Of course, my place still looks like an audition for Hoarders, but I am slowly making progress.

(Sub)Urban Planning Rant:The Virginia Department of Transportation did a presentation at my complex the other night about their plans for widening I-66 outside the Beltway. There were plenty of concerns raised, which mostly amounted to this benefiting the people who live further out at the expense of those of us who live close in. (We are just outside the Beltway. Almost everyone who lives in our area does so because of the short walk to the Metro.)

They claimed they would add transit improvements (e.g. some dedicated bus lines). But everything I have ever read about adding highway lanes indicates that it just increases traffic. They just widened 66 in the Manassas-Gainesville area and now they’re talking about doing that again? Why should I believe it will help? If you’re really going to get people out of their cars, you need to make using their cars more painful than the alternative. Adding a variable toll for 2 lanes (out of 5) in each direction is unlikely to do that.

The other problem is that all of the planning assumes everyone works downtown. That is less and less true. What we really need is an outer Beltway, maybe a partial replacement of Route 28.
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