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Spinning My Wheels

Sort of Celebrity Death Watch: I forgot to mention that storyteller Steve Sanfield died recently. He told Jewish stories (including Chelm stories, though, of course, my versions are better) as well as African-American stories and other folktales. He also wrote poetry. His most significant achievement was probably having founded the Sierra Storytelling Festival. He will be missed.

Non-celebrity Death Watch: I am still in shock about Joel Ratner’s death. I grew up with him and, while I have not seen him since high school, I’ve heard that he built a great life as a music educator and family man. People my age should not be dying.

Don’t Analyze This Dream: Actually, I don’t remember enough details to write about the dream coherently, but it involved both sushi and gefilte fish. I like both, but they really don’t go together.

Weather Whining: We got about 6 inches of snow this past Saturday and another 2 or so late Wednesday night. It is really distressing to me when the temperature in Oslo is 15 degrees higher than the temperature in northern Virginia.

Deli Man: In spite of the snow, I trudged to the metro and slid down Q Street to see the screening of Deli Man, part of the Washington Jewish Film Festival. There are scenes and interviews involving many famous Jewish delis, with the main focus on David "Ziggy" Gruber of Kenny and Ziggy’s in Houston. There was, alas, no explanation of who Kenny is or was. Despite that lingering question, the movie was excellent. I laughed, I cried, I drooled. I went home and made matzoh ball soup.

Food Failure: With all that pristine snow falling, I completely forgot to collect some in a pie pan and make sugar in the snow. I have real maple syrup on hand so it would have been simple enough to boil some and pour it over a pan full of snow. Maybe next winter. (I refuse to hope for more snow so I can do it this season.)

General Kvetching: I have several annoyances with things ranging from work to the Norwegian railroad website to the likely closing of McCoy Field (home of the PawSox) to the stupid selfie crap on the new season of The Amazing Race to my own sheer lack of focus. But, you know, it doesn’t pay to dwell on any of that, so I will keep from boring you with my current state of discontent and leave myself time to do something about some parts of that.
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