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Catch-up: Amazing Fried Rice and Huge Minions

Celebrity Death Watch: Richard Sher was the creator and producer of the radio show Says You! Gary Owens made Laugh-In announcements from beautiful downtown Burbank. Louis Jourdan was an actor, probably most famous as the romantic lead in Gigi. Lesley Gore sang teenage hit songs in the early 1960’s. It’s her funeral and you can cry if you want to.

Food Pornography – China Chilcano: I went out to dinner with flyertalk friends last week at China Chilcano, which is the buzzy new place by Jose Andres. It’s an Asian-Peruvian fusion small plates place and it was really valuable to go with a big group so we could try a lot of different dishes. We had quite a variety, from all over the menu. Some of the highlights were two of the four ceviches (the classico, a slightly spicy hamachi which is pretty much what I think of when I think of ceviche, and the ceviche Nikkei, made with tuna, puffed quinoa and mountain yam), papas a la huancaina (a cold potato and cheese salad), cameron saltado Maestro Wong (shrimp with fermented black beans and mushrooms), and "aeropuerto" (a fried rice and noodle dish with 20 kinds of vegetables, so named because "everything lands in it," including carrots cut to look like little airplanes.) The latter may well be the best fried rice I have ever eaten and was worth the excursion on its own. Really, pretty much everything was excellent, though the wantan especial (won ton soup) was a bit too salty for my taste and the aji de gallina (chicken in yellow sauce) was nothing special. The drink was not as good as the food. I’ve had better pisco sours. And, while there was a lot of wine, I’m just not a big wine person. The bottom line is that I’d happily eat there again.

Weather Whining: We finally got a decent size snow storm Monday night – enough to shut things down on Tuesday. I had some work I could do from home. Except that a pipe froze and burst in the next courtyard of my complex, triggering the fire alarm. Working while huddling in the clubhouse with neighbors was not happening. And more snow is supposedly coming. As well as "wintry mix" over the weekend. Meanwhile, it is just bitter cold out.

Can we please fast forward a month or so?

A Brief Genealogical Note: I am still working on tracking down the story, but it looks like the person I think of as my "rich uncle" (actually, a great-uncle, one of my grandfather’s numerous brothers) was denied admission to the U.S. after stowing away on a ship! It wouldn’t be nearly as funny if it were anyone else. (He seems to have ended up in Toronto for a while and then succeeded in being admitted to the States.)

Amusing Work Interlude: Several weeks ago, I was at a meeting with a very senior official. (I was there in case one question came up, which my boss felt I was the right person to answer.) How senior? Well, let’s just say this person has a 3 foot-tall minion plushie in his office.

Anyway, before the meeting started, he was apologizing for running late. In the following exchange, the person labeled S is the high muckety-muck and the person labeled W is my great-grand-boss:

S: Sorry I’m late. I had to prep for this dumb-ass trip to Country X.
W: Step 1. Stop calling it "this dumb-ass trip."
S: As I was saying,this dumb-ass trip...

Okay, I am easily amused.
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