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visit from Robert

I made no progress on unpacking, since Robert was here for the weekend.

Friday night, we went out to dinner at Sunflower, a vegetarian restaurant in Vienna which had been in Tom Sietsama's Washington Post dining guide this year. I had lily flower soup, which was very tasty, followed by something called "Adventures in Tempeh Land," which was basically tempeh and veggies in a Thai style peanut sauce. Robert got spinach wonton soup and a dish with veggies, noodles, tofu, basil and garlic. We would have shared a dessert but were unable to actually flag down a waiter to do so. (We tried telling the guy who brought our check, but he didn't seem to understand enough English.) Overall, it was a good meal and certainly reasonably priced.

The weather was decent enough Saturday during the day to go into the city. We had brunch at Market Lunch at Eastern Market, where I particularly enjoyed the famous bluebucks (buckwheat pancakes with blueberry). I think Robert was a bit intimidated by the atmosphere or lack thereof (i.e. the 30 seat communal table) but he realized it was not quite as chaotic as it looked.

Then we walked over to the Library of Congress, which I've always considered somewhat of an undertouristed site. Our main objective was the exhibit on Bob Hope, which included various sound and film clips of him (and other vaudevillians and other comedians), as well as computer access to his 85,000 page collection of jokes, arranged by topic. It was worth a couple of hours. We did also go upstairs to look at the reading room from the gallery and gawk at the architecture. The shop there is, however, disappointing, with too many generic tchatchkes and too few specific literary things (and relatively few books).

I'll write a separate post about Tellabration last night. Today we went out to have brunch at First Watch, which was reasonably good. Then I drove him to the airport and ran a few errands. I might get some unpacking done later, but it would also be nice to finish the Sunday paper sometime on Sunday.
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