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Genealogy Update - The Mystery of Abram HAYKEL

I expect this to be the last lengthy update for a while. I've got various odds and ends to look into (including stuff on my mother's side of the family), but I also have a house that is close to auditioning for an episode of Hoarders and, well, other stuff to focus on for a while. I have sort of accomplished a life list item in having traced at least one branch of my family back into the 18th century, so this is a reasonable breaking point.

Where I left off with the last of my attempts at tracing the HAYKEL / CHAIKEL / KHAYKEL / KHONKEL / HANKIN family was with my great-great-great-great-grandfather Nosel, who was born in 1803. I can’t find a death record for him, but I can find an 1834 revision list entry from Pusalotas which shows his wife as Merka, born in 1806.

Also in that record are several other people. His father is Iekhiol (spelled Iechiel in some records), who was born in 1788 and died in 1830. In addition to Nosel, Iekhiol, whose father was also named Nosel, had at least two other sons – Abram, born in 1817, and Iankel, born in 1819. There are two other people in the household, both of whom are lacking surnames. Iankel ben Iokhen was born in 1787 and ran away in 1828. Borukh ben Mikhel was born in 1758 and died in 1831. In the absence of the 1818 revision list, I doubt I can get anywhere on those two, though I'd venture a guess that Borukh might have been the elder Nosel's brother. (I should probably note for the general audience that "ben" is Hebrew for "son of.")

I was unable to get anything on Iankel (i.e. the younger Nosel’s brother) but there is plenty from Abram. What confuses things is that there is another Abram – whose father is given as Nosel. At first I thought his was just a simple mistake, but both of them are there in the same revision list from Puselatos / Pumpenai from 1876. I’m convinced from a number of records that there are two Abrams, but things remain confusing.

Abram ben Iokhel appears to have more likely been born in 1812 (not 1817) and was registered in Ramygala. He was married to Gode (born in 1819). Their children include Iokhel (born in 1835), Morthkhel (born in 1845) and Iosel (born in 1859). He must have been married more than once, because he got divorced in 1880 in Kedainiai from someone named Sore (or Shire) Mere MER. To make things even more confusing, that record indicates he was 60, which would imply he was born in 1819.

Abram ben Nosel seems to have actually been born in 1817. That 1876 revision list says he was registered in Malducioniai volostj and transferred to Puselatos. He died in Pumpenai on 22 Nov 1877 of consumption. I’ve been having a hard time figuring out how he fits in. If his age in this record is correct, he can’t be Tevel’s brother, because Tevel’s father Nosel and his wife, Merka, are too young. I suppose it is possible that he’s Iechiel’s brother (i.e. a son of the older Nosel, my 6x great-grandfather) but I don’t have anything to prove that. He could also, conceivably, be a cousin. There are two other KHAYKEL families who show up in the records – one from Skaudvile and one from Vilnius – but it is not clear whether (or, if) they are connected. And, of course, with people who change surnames only slightly less frequently than they change their shirts, who knows what surname, if any, they were going by in the late 18th or early 19th century?

But I now think the answer may be simpler than that. That same record gives that says he was 59 in 1876 also says he was 41 in 1868. (Note that the 1868 revision list does not appear to be available.) If that is correct, then he was born in 1827 and he could very well be Tevel’s brother. The records are so confusing and contradictory that I have low confidence in that solution.

There are two more sons of Abram in the 1876 revision list record, but I can’t tell which Abram their father is. The head of household is Yankel, born in 1848. He is listed with his brother, Shimen, who was born in 1842. I strongly suspect their father is Abram ben Iokhel because they are registered in Ramygala.

Let’s work on that assumption and go back to the children of Abram ben Iokhel:

  1. Iokhel was married to Mina (born in 1838) and their children include Leyzer (born in 1862), Zelda (born in 1870), and Shmuel Yankel (born in 1873). I haven’t been able to find anything about any of them.

  2. Mortkhel had a son, also named Iokhel, born in 1873 (or possibly 1871).

  3. Iosel is, to say the least, not well documented. According to an 1892 tax record, he was a small proprietor, living in Ramygala, and there were 3 males and 4 females in his family. But I haven’t been able to find more than that.

  4. Yankel (aka Yakov) lived in Krekanava. He was a bricklayer. According to the tax records, in 1892, he was well-to-do, but in 1904, he was poor. He married Sora Rivka KAPULNIK and apparently had several children and grandchildren, though there is the possibility that one or more of these may be children of Shmuel Yankel, Iokhel’s son. Assuming that this isn’t the case, those descendants include:

    Jekiel David, born 1877, married Rivka RIVKOVICH on 1 June 1897 in Grinkiskis. They had 2 sons – Abram (born 1 Jan 1903) and Girsh Leiba (born 30 Nov 1904).

    Ita Reiza, born 1874, married Ephraim SHERMAN or SHUMAN on 1 Sep 1897 in Panevezys. They had 2 sons – Khaim David (born 1 Nov 1908) and Abram (born 21 July 1911).

    Mera Dveira, born 1878, died 8 Sep 1934 in Penevezys of "vitum cordis" which is presumably some sort of heart condition. She married Izrael Noson KATS (born in 1874) and they had at least 3 sons – Hirsh (born 1905), Leizer (born 26 Sep 1910), and Vulf Sine (born 20 Apr 1912) - and 4 daughters – Yudith (born 1907), Leya (born 1909), Sheina Zisla (born 17 Nov 1913), and Brokha (born 1916).

  5. Shimen appears to have had three daughters:

    Golde Toltse had a stillborn child in Kaunas on 11 Dec 1907. The record doesn’t say so explicitly, but suggests she was not married.

    Mina Reiza, who was born in 1882 and who got a passport (valid for one year) on 19 Apr

    Zelda, who was born in 1867 in Seta, married twice. Her first marriage was to Aizik GLIK from Kedainiai and they had a daughter, Chae, born in 1900. Chae married Abrom STOLER in Kaunas on 24 Oct 1933. Zelda was widowed and remarried on 1 Sep 1925 in Kedainiai to Zundel LEBIOTKE, a widower born in 1852 whose parents were named Icik and Rivka.

As you can see, there are lots of branches to trace when I find some time and get all this stuff organized.
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