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Random Thoughts

Celebrity Death Watch: Norman Bridwell wrote Clifford the Big Red Dog. Sy Berger invented the modern baseball card. Harold M. Shulweis was the rabbi of Valley Beth Shalom, a large and prominent Conservative synagogue in Los Angeles. And Joe Cocker was one of the greatest rock singers of all time.

Chanukah Cluelessness: There should be a market for customized Chanukah candles, so you can specify the colors (monochrome or combinations) you want. There is someone who is selling a so-called personalized Chanukah candle on etsy, but that seller has absolutely no idea what Chanukah candles are. (It is a single candle, with a family name on it. It might be suitable as a yahrzeit candle, but probably not as it isn’t in glass.)

Winning the Battle: The other dimensional creatures have returned not only my scissors, but a theatre program I have been looking for since mid-August. Of course, they are probably just borrowing something I haven’t looked for recently, but I will take what victories I can get.
Tags: celebrity death watch, holidailies, judaism, life in general

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