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Mid-Atlantic Walking Weekend - Part 3

My weather karma held out and the rain showers had ended by the time I left the hotel this morning. It was a bit on the cold side out but it was still adequate weather for doing today's Volksmarch in Shepherdstown. The highlight of the route was the view from the monument to James Rumsey, who is said to have been the real inventor of the steamboat. (James Fitch got a patent, however, for essentially the same design, and Robert Fulton was the man who made the steamboat economically viable, so I'll let historians fight it out.) The monument has a nice view over the Potomac and the C&O Canal.

There are a number of historic buildings in the center of town, but they are more interesting than attractive. The building now used as a library is unusual for being located in the center of the street. That makes sense when you realize it started out as the market house and was in the middle of the market square. The most interesting story was about Moulder Hall, which served as a hospital after the Battle of Antietam. The claim is that amputated limbs were thrown from the second story windows into waiting wagons.

By the way, the walk directions were reasonably good, but there were at least three times when the number of blocks was given incorrectly. The historic notes were reasonably helpful, although one of them indicated a red gate where the actual gate in question was green. All of which once again highlights the need to have somebody test the walk directions.

This walk finished off my college campuses special program book. Since Friday's finished off the U.S. Presidents book, I've made real progress on reducing the number of special programs I'm working on. All three walks of the weekend counted towards three other programs I'm doing (authors, cemeteries, and railroads).

After the walk, I grabbed a quick lunch at a local pizza place, then drove over to Hagerstown to shop at the outlet mall. I was hoping to stock up on pantyhose (my normal outlet mall purchase), but they didn't have the color I want in stock in my size (or, in fact, in any other size). I'd also hoped that the L.L. Bean outlet would have long sleeve polo shirts, but they only had short sleeve ones. They did have some decent blazers but didn't have a color I liked in my size. As for other stores, either I'm too fussy or I was unlucky or both. I could use a couple of new jackets, but I have very strong opinions about collars, buttons, and pockets, which always makes that difficult. It's hard being the last person left in North America with taste. At this rate, I will have to wait until I'm in Cambodia in December and can afford to have a bunch of stuff tailor made. (I'm not actually joking - I've gotten great wear out of the grey linen suit I had made in Vietnam.)

Overall, it was a good weekend break. I'm hoping for more nice weekend weather so I can get a lot of 10K (or longer) walks in over the next few months.
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