fauxklore (fauxklore) wrote,

Walking Greenville

I went to Greenville, South Carolina for part of the weekend, primarily to do two Volksmarch events. I've actually been to Greenville twice before, including once for a Volksmarch. (The other time was because it is a convenient place to stop between Atlanta and North Carolina).

It's an easy flight down on a United puddlehopper, though terminal A at IAD remains annoying. They board several flights at once, which means inevitable chaos from people who don't understand how it works. In this case, a gate agent for another flight came on to our plane at least 4 times, trying to track down someone missing from the Knoxville flight.

I stayed at the Hyatt Place, which was adequate. My biggest complaints are that: 1) the sound proofing was inadequate and 2) the heat worked via one of those underwindow units where you turn a dial, instead of via a thermostat.

As for the Volksmarch events, the historic Greenville event was excellent, including the West End (which has Fluor Field, where the Greenville Drive, a Red Sox affiliate play, and the Shoeless Joe Jackson Museum) before a bit of Falls Park on the Reedy, the Hampton-Pinckney Historic District, Heritage Green (with various museums), and Main Street. The other event - which I opted to do only the 5K version of because it was drizzly - was less interesting, mostly through various parks (including much more of Falls Park on the Reedy), though it did include the statue of Shoeles Joe Jackson to qualify as a baseball event. So both were baseball events and qualified to finish that program.

Getting home was easy and we even got in early. All in all, a nice weekend excursion.
Tags: holidailies, travel, volksmarch

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