fauxklore (fauxklore) wrote,

Monday Kvetching

I am tired and grumpy today, which is, I suppose, suitable for a Monday. I screwed up my sleep schedule yesterday by napping when I got home from walking. And then I couldn’t sleep well because the whole left side of my body was achy. I could have gotten out of bed and taken a Tylenol, I suppose, but that was more effort than I was willing to put in. I did eventually sleep pretty soundly – soundly enough for the alarm to wake me up. (Usually, I get up anywhere from 5 minutes to 2 hours before the alarm.)

My grumpiness is reflected in being annoyed at all sorts of little things today. Someone was already sitting in my favorite seat on the bus this morning, for example. Someone I work with (not from my organization) has a knack for trying my patience by going into excruciating detail in answering the wrong question. And someone from my organization decided that interrupting my listening to a telecom was very important despite my having told her at least 4 times that I was going to be on an important telecom during that hour. (She also has access to my calendar.) So, of course, once I got off the phone, she was on the phone. And she never puts anything on her calendar. Incidentally, it turned out that mostly what she wanted to talk about was her frustration with Mr. Excruciating Detail.

I’d like to get home early enough to drop off my dry cleaning, but I suspect the bus will be screwed up or something else will get in the way of that. And I really need to clear off the table so I can set up the menorah, given that Chanukah starts tomorrow night.

Oh, did I mention that today‘s prompt had to do with feeling overwhelmed? Some days I don’t need a prompt.
Tags: holidailies, kvetching, work

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