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Mostly About Food

The business trip I was supposed to have next week has been postponed until late January. This means that I can go to either the potluck at my company or the one at my customer (where I normally work). Or, in other words, I can either eat out or eat in. I am more likely to do the customer one, as that is easier. At any rate, I need to come up with something to make. (I have one request already, for my notorious chocolate rum cheesecake.)

While I am on the subject of food, I went out to dinner with folks from flyertalk last night. We went to Ted's Bulletin on Barracks Row. There were a few glitches, e.g. lack of a big enough table for all of us, an incorrect address on their website, too much change for the person who paid cash. But the staff was friendly and the food was good if you like the American comfort food theme. Think of a burger (beef, turkey, or vegetarian) and fries and a thick and generous milkshake. I didn't have room for most of the fries and I certainly couldn't have managed one of their famous home-made pop tarts.
Tags: food pornography, holidailies

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