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I am moderately brain dead after a couple of days of too many long meetings, so this is a quick follow-up type of entry.

First, though, I want to note the death of storyteller Mark Lewis. He was best known for an excellent performance of Jabberwocky. I didn’t hear any details, so I will prefer to assume he was attacked by a frumious Bandersnatch.

I mentioned already that spaghetti is too short. It turns out that A.C. Moore did have some reasonably acceptable knitting needle cases. They aren’t perfect, as you can tell by my referring to them in the plural, but they are close enough. Essentially, these are hard plastic cases, which mostly suffer from not carrying enough needles per case, necessitating two to hold my needles. They will do for now, however.

I also happened to be in Trader Joe’s after knitting group on Sunday and checked out the slicing brie. The cross-section is square – or, at least, squarish, as I didn’t measure it. But the cheese is, indeed, three dimensional and, technically, I think it would be best described as a cuboid.

Finally, I did manage to get through to Strictly Slots on the phone today and cancel Mom’s subscription. Yet more magazines turned out to be free subscriptions, so I just changed the address to mine and will let it run out. If you care about your survivors, keep a list of what magazines you subscribe to so they can figure this crap out without spending hours making telephone calls after the stuff shows up in their mail.
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