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Celebrity Death Watch: I missed Mark Strand, former poet laureate of the U.S., in my last round-up. Herman Badillo was a prominent politician in New York in the 1970’s. And, I have to admit that L. Stephen Coles is relatively obscure but I am noting his death because of the irony of the director of the Gerontology Research Group dying at age 73.

Follow-up on Knitting Needle Storage: I stopped by The Container Store after my appointment yesterday. And, alas, pasta is not long enough. I will need to brave the yarn stores, which is, of course, inherently dangerous. (I am fussy enough that on-line shopping is too risky.) Alternatively, if somebody I knew had a 3-D printer ….

I did, however, succeed in buying some stacking drawers to help with the massive number of socks I brought back from Mom’s. I don’t believe I will ever need to buy socks again, unless I go insane and start throwing out perfectly good ones. For example, Robert had an uncle who never wore a pair of socks twice. He went to Woolworth’s every week to buy a fresh supply, wore them once, and threw them out.

(Actually, I will need to buy walking socks at some point, because walking socks make a huge difference if you walk any significant distance. But they count as sports equipment, not clothing.)

Things People Collect: When I was about 9 or 10, Mom made me collect Mercury dimes. Well, she made me collect some sort of coins and I chose dimes. (My brother went for pennies. Mom had quarters. Nickels were neglected because Dad was smart enough not to go for these schemes.) We found my dime collection in her house and my uncle sold them. I got $1.10 for each dime, which is not too bad. (There were only 19 dimes in the collection, so it’s not exactly a windfall, but it was painless.)

I’ve brought Mom’s stamp collection to my place and need to make an appointment to get it appraised. I doubt there’s anything valuable, but you never know.

Apparently, Mom also collected phone cards. I suspect these are even less likely to be of any value. Nor, of course, are plastic grocery bags.

Parts of my doll collection may have some value. As may some of my ballpark gimmes. But I am fairly sure that my collection of advertising bookmarks will become landfill when I’m gone. If not sooner, because I have to admit to not being all that sure why I bothered with them in the first place.
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