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A Productive But Frustrating Day

It’s the first of December, which means that it’s time for Holidailies – a daily entry every day this month. It will be a bit of a challenge, as usual, but it’s good for me to challenge myself.

Celebrity Death Watch: Gary Lane played bass for The Standells of "Dirty Water" fame. Mike Nichols did comedy with Elaine May and acted and directed several major films (most famously, The Graduate) and a few Broadway shows. Claire Barry sang Yiddish songs with her sister and bei mir was schoen. Clive Palmer was a founding member of The Incredible String Band.

The two who I want to highlight in particular were both involved in crime in some way. Marion Barry was "Mayor for Life" of D.C., who got entangled in various controversies, including drug abuse and womanizing. And P. D. James wrote mysteries. The largest number of them were in the Adam Dalgliesh series, but I prefer Cordelia Grey of An Unsuitable Job For a Woman. (She brought the two characters together in The Skull Beneath the Skin, which I found surprisingly successful.)

Frustrations of the Day, Part 1: I have a form to fill out that will, allegedly, take 2 minutes. I have made three attempts to get to it so far today and given up after 20 minutes each time.

Frustrations of the Day, Part 2: I may have a meeting on Wednesday some ways away from where I normally work. It would be nice for someone to confirm whether or not it is happening.

Frustrations of the Day, Part 3: There are a couple of meetings coming up that either I or one of my colleagues should be at. It would be nice to know if I am going, because that makes planning my time easier. Especially for the meeting on the other coast.

You might have guessed that today was frustrating. Actually, I was moderately productive for the first day back after being out of the office for a week. I had 6 things on my to-do list and got through 5 of them. The odds of being productive at home are lower, though I would settle for unpacking some of the stuff I brought back from my mother’s house.

I will try to be more interesting the rest of the month.
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