fauxklore (fauxklore) wrote,

Paper or Plastic?

I have other things to write about, but here is a quick note from my mother's house, where I am spending the week, attempting to clean stuff out.

There is a lot of stuff in my mother's house, but the most obvious one is an amazing number of bags. Apparently, Mom was a bit obsessed with both paper bags and plastic bags. Hence, there is a large stack of paper grocery bags on the desk in my father's study. And there are a lot of paper bags in plastic bags to use in the trash cans. There are at least 8 bags of commercial trashbags in the hall closet, as well as a floor full of paper in plastic bags filled with paper bags. Hence, I tend to refer to that closet as The American Museum of Trash Bags.

The closet in Coupon Central (what had once been my brother's bedroom) had a few paper in plastic bags in it. One is filled with boxes of pasta. One, which I emptied out, had one box of Rice Krispies and two paper bags of toiletries (what appears to be shower gel, a couple of scrubbie things, and a dental floss holder). The third one was, inevitably, filled with folded up plastic grocery bags.

I also found a duffle bag full of plastic bags in my old bedroom. If the zombie apocalypse comes while I am dealing with Mom's stuff, I ardently hope that zombies can be suffocated.
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