fauxklore (fauxklore) wrote,

Errata - and a note on charity

I've noticed 2 things I got wrong in recent entries:

1) My paternal grandfather actually died in February, which is not around this time of year. To be fair, I did say that I didn't remember.

2) The borscht actually cost my mother $13. She called to bid 12 and was told somebody already had done so, so she upped her bid a dollar. Nobody else was nuts enough to bid on 12 cases of borscht. I'd like to believe the two bottles I found in the house recently were not still left from that purchase. (And, by the way, I still consider borscht with sour cream and potatoes the best possible warm weather meal.)

Also, a few people have asked me about making charitable contributions in my mother's memory. Since her favorite place was the library, I will suggest making a donation to your local Friends of the Library or similar library foundation. Her library was The Island Park Public Library, which would, of course, be suitable.
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