fauxklore (fauxklore) wrote,

Feeling Overwhelmed

My brother flew back to California yesterday, which made things a lot calmer around here. My uncle is driving home (not nearly as far) now. I am fairly exhausted, especially as: 1) I have never been able to sleep well in this house and 2) yesterday was the day that everyone decided to visit. (Which did make me feel much better, so I am not complaining. But it was tiring.)

It is not surprising that I am overwhelmed by how much stuff there is to do. I am mostly discovering that I didn't come close to clearing out as much stuff at Mom's house over the past several years as I thought I had. There were closets she never let me touch and, oy, is there stuff in them. My uncle found stashes of empty jars, which he has taken with him to drop in recycling. I threw out an entire drawer full of make-up, much of it never used, but who knows of what vintage? I know I need to take things slowly, but it's hard to focus on just one piece of the chaos at a time.

I never thought I would be googling things like "how to dispose of someone's dentures." (The answer is just to throw them out, by the way. Why Mom kept at least two pairs of her old ones wrapped in paper towels in the bathroom closet is not, alas, something google can answer for me.
Tags: family, mourning

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