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Two Storytelling Videos

First, here's a video of me telling a story at the Better Said Than Done event at The Auld Shebeen for the Fall for the Book festival. This was a new piece, though I've been playing with the material in it for several years. There are tweaks I'll make in the future, but I thought it worked for the most part.

Dites-le en 8 Langues

I did another Better Said Than Done show a couple of weeks later, as part of a benefit for the Friends of Reston. This is a story I've told a lot over the years. I need to offer special thanks to Susan Gordon for noticing that I had torn the seams of my dress while putting it on and safety pinning them, preventing me from a serious wardrobe malfunction.

The Secret Place

And, of course, I need to thank Jessica Piscitelli Robinson for organizing the events these were told at. It always helps to have responsive, engaged audiences.
Tags: storytelling

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