fauxklore (fauxklore) wrote,

Mid-Atlantic Walking Weekend - Part 1

I took the day off from work (and, trust me, I needed the day off)and drove to West Virginia for the first event of Mid-Atlantic Walking Weekend, which probably has some more official but less descriptive name.

I got a later start than I'd intended and the directions were poor (if you're going to tell people to turn onto a particular street, you might check to make sure that's the name the street is given on the signs). So I didn't get to Charles Town until about 2 p.m.. Still, that gave me enough time to do the Volksmarch even there. There were reasonably good historic notes on the directions, though the one on the jail where John Brown was held between his conviction and execution was out of sequence. (For those unfamiliar with the area, the Charles after which the Town is named was Charles Washington, brother of George.) There was, however, one serious error in the walk directions. I was lucky because somebody called out to me with the correct information just as I was entering the cemetery, but I ran into a group of 4 there who were hopelessly lost.

The weather was excellent (in the mid-60's) and there was a lot of nice 19th century architecture to look at. So I enjoyed the walk despite the directional screw-ups.

Afterwards, I stopped at the thing Charles Town is more famous for now, namely the racetrack / slots. They don't have a lot of video poker, which is my usual gambling indulgence at such places, though I did play a little. I found a slot machine I really liked, though. It's called Hexbreaker and the symbols are things like black cats, ladders, voodoo dolls, etc.. There's a really cute bonus round you get if 2 ladders show up on the screen. In that, a black cat climbs up the ladder until it reaches either the top or a step it's been on before. It's all way cute - and since it was a 2 cent slot (but one plays 13 lines, so it's really 26 cents a bet), not too much of a drain on the finances.
Tags: travel, volksmarch

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